Tubby's surprise take on maligned opener

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Former Australian Test cricket skipper Mark Taylor says helium hopes Marcus Harris is handed "one much spell astatine least" astatine opening the batting alongside David Warner.

While the Australians are connected the verge of Ashes glory leading England 2-0, Harris' instrumentality to the Test broadside hasn't gone to plan.

Following scores of 3 and 9 not retired astatine the Gabba, Harris was again dismissed for 3 during the 2nd Test, earlier managing 23 successful Australia's 2nd innings this week.

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The 29-year-old's batting mean has dropped down to 22.19 from 23 innings crossed 12 matches.

Asked whether Australia should look astatine different options and if it determination was an accidental for idiosyncratic similar seasoned Usman Khawaja to marque a return, Taylor said it was important for Harris to proceed learning from Warner.

Marcus Harris of Australia and Marnus Labuschagne of Australia locomotion disconnected the tract (Getty)

"I would inactive beryllium playing Harris successful the adjacent Test match, I would springiness him 1 much spell astatine least, peculiarly present that Australia is 2-0 up," helium told Wide World of Sports.

"I deliberation you truly privation to effort and bring a younger subordinate on.

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"I deliberation if you spell backmost to Usman Khawaja astatine this signifier - and helium mightiness play well, but past you've 2 35-year-olds opening the batting for Australia.

"What you truly privation is simply a younger feline opening with batting with a elder David Warner.

"I would surely beryllium giving Marcus Harris 1 much spell and hopefully connected his location Test match, helium comes up bully connected Boxing Day.

"He surely hasn't had a batch of luck this series, helium got retired to 2 precise good catches and yet different players were immoderate beneficiaries of immoderate mediocre fielding."

Marcus Harris (Getty)

Taylor added that contempt the emergence of young guns Bryce Street and Henry Hunt, it was inactive excessively aboriginal to look astatine different option.

"You've got to marque definite you've got idiosyncratic you deliberation is going to beryllium a amended enactment and astatine the infinitesimal it's astir apt Khawaja, though helium hasn't been opening overmuch successful Shield cricket," helium added.

"The different 2 - Bryce Street and Henry Hunt - they whitethorn good beryllium bully players but they haven't knocked the doorway down oregon demanded enactment astatine this stage.

"You've got to marque definite you've got idiosyncratic who you deliberation tin bash a amended job, but I'm not definite that is the lawsuit astatine the moment.

"I would springiness Marcus Harris different game."

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