Gallen calls out boxing fans in post-fight spray

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Paul Gallen bushed chap erstwhile NRL prima Darcy Lussick successful emphatic manner astatine The Star.

They promised a stoppage and it was the erstwhile Cronulla skipper who obliged, ending it successful the 3rd round.

Both fighters looked similar they wanted to extremity it successful the archetypal round, peculiarly Lussick. He threw immoderate chaotic shots arsenic Gallen tried to enactment retired of his range.

Gallen looked rocked by immoderate large hits precocious successful the circular but they made it to the bell, and yet hung connected to triumph by TKO.

Speaking aft the fight, helium urged Australian athletics fans to get down boxing.

"I watched past nighttime erstwhile a erstwhile satellite champion fought successful beforehand of deadset 100 people," helium said.

"Where's each these radical who privation to container maine for boxing? (Why aren't they) watching the Moloney boys?

"It truly frustrates me."

Gallen went connected to telephone retired those who mocked the prime of the contests connected the paper and wanted to spot nonrecreational fighters, alternatively than erstwhile shot players.

"A batch of radical present copped a batch of flack due to the fact that they're footy players," Gallen said.

"Well determination were boxers present past night, but determination were 300 radical here.

"Where's each these boxing radical supporting boxers?"

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