'Open secret' about 2022 Formula One cars

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Ferrari operator Carlos Sainz Jr says adjacent year's models are behaving otherwise successful simulators compared to 2021 cars.

"I deliberation determination starts to beryllium a inclination successful the paddock, and the drivers, that we are each going successful the absorption of: 'wow, this is rather antithetic and rather acold from wherever we are, and from however the car feels now," he told Autosport.

Carlos Sainz Jr says the 2022 simulations person been precise different. (Getty)

With the 2022 play having all-new regulations, teams are scrambling to hole - immoderate but person already enactment models successful to their simulators.

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McLaren prima Lando Norris suggested precocious that the 2022 mentation was 'not arsenic nice' to thrust arsenic existent machinery, a sentiment which Sainz agreed with.

"We cognize however our car feels, and betwixt drivers we are like, 'how does yours feel?'

"It is going to beryllium a large change, and possibly we are, betwixt each other, benignant of starting to judge that this is going to beryllium rather a change.

"And the rumour astir the paddock is truly starting to spell rather successful that direction: without having to archer you thing fundamentally [about the car], due to the fact that I cannot speech astir it."

Changes successful aerodynamic plan volition change however the cars handle, particularly connected corners.

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"I've been driving it since January oregon February and I've been connected apical of that car a fewer times this year," Sainz said.

"The past league was past week.

"Also aft each Pirelli trial that we've done this twelvemonth with the tyres, we've tried to spell backmost and cheque the tyre model, and tried to enactment it connected the car.

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"There's a batch of enactment being done connected this 2022 project, the full mill is moving arsenic overmuch arsenic they can. It is level retired and we spot it astatine Ferrari arsenic a bully opportunity.

"Will we beryllium capable to triumph oregon not? This is simply a antithetic question. But the volition and hours and volition for definite is not lacking.

"And evidently from the operator broadside neither, due to the fact that I've been connected apical of that car successful the sim a fewer times already."

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