Leilua's wife unloads at NRL bad boy after win

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Joey Leilua defeated Chris Heighington by unanimous determination but it was the erstwhile NRL star's woman who stole the show.

In what was a reasonably adjacent contention which saw Heighington propulsion immoderate coagulated punches, Leilua ended up connected apical and edged somewhat up successful the archetypal 2 rounds to triumph by decision.

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The erstwhile Tigers centre was speedy to telephone retired the "haters" aft the fight, sending a connection to those who claimed helium wouldn't past the duration of the fight.

Leilua's woman kisses him aft the win. (Main Event)

"For each those haters that f---ing said I can't past 4 rounds, acknowledgment mate," Leilua said post-fight.

"You gave maine the inspiration tonight. I knew I could fight, I conscionable wanted to f---ing amusement the full satellite that I could f---ing past 4 rounds.

"You look connected apical of maine being abdominous and can't past 4 rounds, you cognize what? F--- yourselves, determination you go."

After Leilua was awarded the win, his woman rushed into the ringing and kissed him but past arsenic she moved backmost retired done the ropes the cameras caught her flipping the vertebrate astatine idiosyncratic portion tearing them a caller one.

Apparently her heated absorption was to erstwhile NRL atrocious lad John Hopoate, who was successful attendance and calling retired Leilua aft helium was named the winner.

Then seemingly tells John Hopoate wherever to go. (Main Event)

"What was absorbing was aft the fight, John Hopoate — who's present successful the assemblage — went implicit to his country and appeared to beryllium calling him out," Main Event commentator Paul Kent said.

"And Joey's wife, who we mightiness person conscionable caught determination connected the vision, and besides Joey's trainer told him wherever helium could go."

Both men clashed earlier Wednesday's combat but Heighington was complementary aft the bout was done.

"He pressured good and held maine well. Credit to Joey, everyone hates connected him but I tin spot the bully successful the guy. All the champion implicit successful England, Joey," helium said.

"We had a chat aboriginal days successful the promo and helium was OK. I'm not judging him connected what helium said earlier the fight. All the champion to him."

"I'm stoked I got successful here. I'm 39-years-old, I conscionable took connected a spot of a beast truthful I'm beauteous proud. Didn't get the W but, who cares I got successful determination and had a go."

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