Gallen's generous act for two young boxers

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Paul Gallen dominated the ringing and past ended the combat nighttime successful the classiest way.

The erstwhile NRL hardman had conscionable stopped Darcy Lussick successful the 3rd round, erstwhile helium received an other bully surprise.

No Limit promoter George Rose had promised a $20,000 currency bonus to the combatant who landed the astir awesome knockout.

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Unfortunately nary of the fights ended by knockout, and the closest were a mates of method knockouts.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 22: Paul Gallen (R) and Darcy Lussick combat during their Footy Fight Night Christmas Bash heavyweight bout astatine The Star connected December 22, 2021 successful Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images) (Getty)

Gallen's was 1 of those, and truthful Rose handed him the wad of currency successful the ringing pursuing the victory.

But alternatively than pocked it for himself, Gallen instantly handed it to up and coming Aussie boxers Sam Goodman and Harry Garside.

Both young fighters had won their respective bouts earlier connected the card, but surely hadn't created arsenic overmuch fanfare arsenic the 2 erstwhile NRL stars headlining the event.

Gallen seemed furious the archetypal nighttime of the lawsuit - which was connected Tuesday - drew specified littler nationalist interest.

"A batch of radical contiguous copped a batch of flak, due to the fact that footy players were fighting," Gallen said.

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"I watched past night, wherever the boxers were fighting, and astir 100 radical turned up to ticker them. So where's each these boxing radical retired determination supporting boxers? I don't spot it.

"Sam Goodman and Harry Garside, travel and spot maine successful my shed, I'll springiness you a spot of cash."

If divided evenly, the young fighters would pocketed $10,000 each from Gallen's generous act.

Gallen was troubled by Lussick aboriginal successful their bout, arsenic the second held a wide size vantage successful the fight.

But Lussick soon bushed and Gallen - the overmuch much experienced combatant - dominated the 2nd circular arsenic his hostile fell to the canvas twice.

Paul Gallen (R) lands a punch connected the jaw of Darcy Lussick. (Getty)

The referee, and Lussick's corner, bizarrely fto it proceed into the 3rd until it was stopped.

"With each owed respect, I wasn't concerned," Gallen said.

"At the commencement of the 2nd circular we had a large combat but not a azygous punch landed. I was letting him deterioration himself retired a bit.

"He's a pugnacious dude, and I can't convey him capable for stepping in. thankyou to Darcy for having immense balls."

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