Turmoil Was Brewing at Time’s Up Long Before Cuomo

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The salient anti-harassment charity, criticized for its narration with the erstwhile New York governor, is facing an individuality situation implicit its ties to those successful power.

Andrew M. Cuomo, past    politician  of New York, signed a measure  successful  2019 expanding  the statute of limitations successful  rape cases. He was joined by the Time's Up supporters and actresses Julianne Moore, left, and Mira Sorvino, right. 
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Aug. 21, 2021Updated 2:44 p.m. ET

Nearly 4 years ago, moving with resoluteness aft the planetary #MeToo explosion, immoderate of the country’s astir celebrated women formed a caller charity, Time’s Up, to combat intersexual harassment successful the workplace. Their corporate power, funds and aspirations offered the promise of existent progress.

Now the enactment is successful an “existential crisis,” its vice chairwoman told the staff. A radical of maltreatment victims said they felt betrayed. Some committee members are privately questioning whether Time’s Up volition survive.

The turmoil was acceptable disconnected by the intersexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, a Time’s Up ally, and revelations that his bureau had relied connected the counsel of the group's leaders arsenic the accusations emerged.

Time’s Up was built connected a bold premise: Ultra-connected women would excavation their entree and power to propulsion for sex equity. But adjacent earlier the allegations against Mr. Cuomo, disorder and contention had been gathering wrong the radical implicit its leadership’s ties — and assistance — to those successful power, according to interviews with dozens of existent and erstwhile committee members, employees and different advocates, arsenic good arsenic a reappraisal of interior documents.


Some of them feared that the high-level connections astatine the bosom of the group’s strategy compromised its credibility, oregon made the powerful more of a precedence than the mean women Time’s Up was meant to help.

“We have, obviously, a broken-trust infinitesimal and a existent examination, aft 3 and a fractional years, of whether this is the close mode to work,” Tina Tchen, the main executive, said successful an interview. She and others are wondering whether the group’s exemplary tin inactive beryllium tenable. “I’m unfastened to the answer.”

Where to gully the enactment has travel up again and again. In outpouring 2020, Ms. Tchen, an Obama medication veteran, helped clasp backmost a missive from women’s groups prodding Joseph R. Biden Jr. to respond much rapidly to a intersexual misconduct allegation — adjacent arsenic she raised funds for his run arsenic a backstage citizen.

About the aforesaid time, aft Ms. Tchen discussed a caller for-profit consulting limb that could let her and others to counsel corporations, including those facing maltreatment accusations, committee and unit members grew concerned, according to gathering notes. The program ne'er moved forward.

In the small, underfunded satellite of women’s charities, Time’s Up was an outlier. Its founders included Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey; Ms. Tchen, its person since 2019, had been Michelle Obama’s main of staff. The organization’s connections, and $24 cardinal GoFundMe campaign, were its selling point. But immoderate of the group’s powerfulness players — including Roberta Kaplan, who stepped down this period arsenic chairwoman successful the Cuomo fallout — became entangled successful questions astir conflicts of interest.

Ms. Kaplan, a lawyer whose steadfast represents a apical Cuomo adjutant accused of trying to discredit an alleged victim, was much progressive successful the administration’s effect than antecedently reported, according to her and others. She provided names of imaginable defence lawyers for the governor, discussed with an adjutant what a cardinal Time’s Up statement would accidental and shared it with his bureau earlier it became public.

The radical underestimated “how hard it would beryllium to enactment with politicians and corporations without coming up against thing that’s going to stain you,” Tarana Burke, the laminitis of #MeToo and a subordinate of Time’s Up’s extended board, said successful an interview.

Time’s Up helped present legislative victories successful New York, strengthening anti-harassment provisions and lengthening the statute of limitations for rape; prodded Hollywood to prosecute much pistillate directors and executives; and urged corporations similar McDonald’s to amended their policies. Its astir important accomplishment whitethorn beryllium the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, a abstracted limb that connects radical with workplace misconduct claims, particularly low-income women, to lawyers and media strategists.

Jay Ellwanger, a Texas lawyer who has represented aggregate women done the fund, said it allowed “a pistillate who doesn’t person the quote-unquote powerfulness and connections” to consciousness that “she tin combat for herself and for others.” Since 2018, it has referred implicit 4,800 radical to lawyers and funded 256 cases.

But astatine the main organization, existent and erstwhile unit members said successful interviews, priorities seemed to displacement quickly. As the effort to combat harassment expanded to adjacent wage initiatives and different targets, immoderate believed that Time’s Up lacked a wide roadworthy representation to its argumentation goals. And, they said, unit members’ absorption was often scattered arsenic they were drawn into ancillary issues, the promotion of committee members’ favored projects oregon nationalist relations campaigns connected unrelated topics.


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Megan Malloy, who worked astatine Time’s Up for 13 months arsenic a integer strategist, said she near heartbroken, feeling the enactment had fallen short.

“There’s ne'er been truthful overmuch powerfulness down addressing issues similar intersexual harassment and intersexual assault,” Ms. Malloy said.

But successful practice, “it felt similar we were determination to burnish the reputations of precise almighty women.” And not, she added, “to really bash programmatic enactment that would materially alteration the lives of survivors.”

The radical is hiring a advisor to analyse what happened and clarify its strategy going forward, according to a spokeswoman, and respective committee members said they were determined to support and reboot the organization.

“The information that Time’s Up has go viewed arsenic a receptacle for and the absorption of men trying to screen up their obscene behaviors is exhausting to me,” said the shaper Shonda Rhimes, a co-founder and large backer of the organization, in a statement. “Saving men, particularly predatory men, is not connected Time’s Up agenda,” she said, adding that she powerfully supported the enactment and Ms. Tchen.

In June past year, employees alerted Ms. Tchen to a acceptable of urgent concerns astir the organization’s ngo and culture. “We are not adjacent to the women we privation to help,” 1 told colleagues, according to notes obtained by The New York Times.

“What is our mentation of change?” they asked.

As the archetypal accusations against Mr. Cuomo emerged past winter, 1 pistillate who had worked successful the governor’s bureau was uneasy. She said she’d had uncomfortable experiences with Mr. Cuomo, which she’d shared with her caller bosses astatine a authorities agency.

Fearing retaliation, she recovered a lawyer, Zoe Salzman, who sought assistance from the Legal Defense Fund, which is administered separately from Time’s Up done the National Women’s Law Center successful Washington. The money paid for her lawyer arsenic the woman, who declined to disclose her afloat sanction publicly, told her communicative to investigators.

As the scope of misconduct allegations began to expand, the Cuomo medication was besides conferring with the leaders of Time’s Up much than antecedently known.

Ms. Kaplan and Ms. Tchen were some drawn in. They had met arsenic young lawyers, had singular résumés — Ms. Kaplan had helped triumph the combat for cheery matrimony — and were truthful adjacent that they had tried to commencement a business offering workplace trainings successful 2019, building on their Time’s Up experience.

Melissa DeRosa, a apical Cuomo adjutant and an state connected the intersexual misconduct legislation, consulted with Ms. Kaplan connected a proposed, and present notorious, Op-Ed smearing Mr. Cuomo’s archetypal accuser. Ms. Kaplan work the draught to Ms. Tchen, and some accidental they advised against disparaging the woman.

As the Cuomo medication pushed to take its ain investigator, Ms. DeRosa asked Ms. Kaplan if she would pb the inquiry, oregon adjacent correspond Mr. Cuomo, according to respective radical involved. She declined, but Ms. Kaplan weighed successful connected one candidate to pb the investigation, told the medication it would person to beryllium arsenic autarkic arsenic imaginable and provided names of imaginable defence lawyers. She besides discussed with Ms. DeRosa what a Time’s Up nationalist connection mightiness accidental astir however the probe should beryllium conducted.


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The group’s leaders settled connected a weak call for Mr. Cuomo to name his ain autarkic investigator. Ms. Kaplan sent the connection to Ms. DeRosa earlier it went public, according to Ms. Tchen and others.

But ultimately, Mr. Cuomo mislaid the fight, and the authorities lawyer wide produced a devastating report that prompted his resignation this month.

Asked wherefore Time’s Up was going backmost and distant with Ms. DeRosa, Ms. Tchen said: “I thought we were dealing with an bureau that wanted to bash the close thing.”

Instead of backing distant from Mr. Cuomo’s circle, Ms. Kaplan drew closer. As national investigators examined claims that his medication had hid information astir Covid-19 successful nursing homes, her steadfast took connected Ms. DeRosa arsenic a client.

Ms. Kaplan said Ms. Tchen and others knew she was dealing with the governor’s bureau successful her capableness arsenic chairwoman. “Nothing I did present was rogue for Time’s Up,” she said successful an interview. “Everything was discussed and expected and afloat authorized,” she said, including representing Ms. DeRosa.

Ms. Tchen, however, said she thought Ms. Kaplan was not acting successful her chairwoman relation portion conferring with the Cuomo administration, and was not alert that her steadfast was besides representing Ms. DeRosa successful the lawyer general’s inquiry.


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The Cuomo occurrence exposed immoderate of the limitations and conflicts that had plagued Time’s Up from the beginning.

Neither Ms. Tchen nor Ms. Kaplan had ever worked astatine a nonprofit, nor did they acceptable retired to tally a emblematic one. Frustrated with the dilatory gait of progress, Time’s Up aimed for a much “grass-tops” attack by influencing leaders and shifting minds culturally.

“The fastest mode to change,” Ms. Tchen said, “is really for leaders wrong organizations to determine they privation to bash the close thing, alternatively than waiting for Congress.”

And they did not instrumentality immoderate of the steps that assistance forestall nonprofits from blurring ethical lines. Board members raised imaginable conflicts with Ms. Tchen, respective of them said, and were expected to capable retired forms listing immoderate fiscal issues. But those didn’t code the much analyzable question of however webs of relationships could sway a effect to a harassment allegation.

When it came to doing governmental enactment extracurricular the organization, “we didn’t person ceremonial struggle policies,” said Hilary Rosen, a Washington strategist and co-founder. “We had a level of spot among each other.”

The Path to Governor Cuomo’s Resignation

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The concern astatine Time’s Up was particularly delicate due to the fact that respective leaders had 2nd lives successful the Biden campaign. Ms. Rosen, a spouse successful a apical nationalist relations firm, helped signifier a radical called “Vote for Her” to enactment Kamala Harris’s information arsenic vice president. Jennifer Klein, different apical executive, was a co-chairwoman of a run argumentation committee. When Mr. Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee, Ms. Tchen helped big fund-raisers.

Some committee members and employees became acrophobic astir the cognition that the enactment — and by extension, #MeToo — was aligned with Mr. Biden.

“This is not an contented that should beryllium governmental oregon should beryllium partisan, and it undermines the credibility of the enactment erstwhile they marque it so,” said Ms. Malloy, the erstwhile unit member.

Then Tara Reade, a erstwhile Biden aide, accused him of inappropriately touching her decades ago; she aboriginal claimed that helium had sexually assaulted her. While Mr. Biden’s run denied the allegations, helium stayed publically silent. So did Time’s Up.

In April past year, respective women’s rights groups began crafting a public letter calling connected him to code Ms. Reade’s account. “Vice President Biden has the opportunity, close now, to exemplary however to instrumentality superior allegations seriously,” 1 draught of the missive said.

Ms. Tchen conveyed that she wanted the groups to clasp off, according to radical wrong and outside. She was successful interaction with the Biden campaign; helium would soon respond, and they should not get successful the way, she said. (A spokeswoman said Ms. Tchen opposed the missive due to the fact that the telephone to enactment wasn’t wide enough.)

Mr. Biden yet spoke astir the allegations successful a MSNBC interrogation connected May 1, denying them. That day, Ms. Tchen appeared connected the aforesaid network, commending him for his transparency, and Time’s Up released a complimentary statement. That evening, she joined a Biden fund-raising lawsuit online with different Obama medication alumni.

While immoderate committee members and allies defended her governmental activities, others were asking whose interests the Time’s Up leaders were putting first: Ms. Reade’s, oregon Mr. Biden’s?

Soon, Time’s Up solicited the assistance of Global Strategy Group, a consulting and polling firm, to survey voters’ attitudes astir intersexual harassment. A PowerPoint-style report, with information connected however voters deliberation astir #MeToo issues, aboriginal appeared connected the Time’s Up website.

But a backstage mentation obtained by The Times includes other slides connected radical moving for office. One of them, with a container titled “What Candidates Need to Say,” offers a exemplary script. Time’s Up and the polling steadfast some said they did not stock the slides with anyone other — including 1 of the firm’s longtime clients, Mr. Cuomo.

In interviews, the group’s leaders said they were trying to find however accused men could respond successful a mode that doesn’t shame women. But erstwhile The Times consulted different pollsters and leaders from women’s organizations astir the slides, galore had the aforesaid question: Why did Time’s Up adjacent instrumentality connected that task?

At the 2018 Golden Globes, Ms. Winfrey helped introduce Time’s Up with a rousing code astir survivors of intersexual misconduct, including her ain parent and “the women whose names we’ll ne'er know.” But soon the archetypal motivation clarity of focusing connected victims gave mode to messy disputes.

In 2019 and 2020, Time’s Up recovered itself embroiled successful a back-and-forth betwixt Ms. Winfrey, a large funder, and the directors and subjects of the documentary “On the Record,” who elaborate rape accusations against the hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. Ms. Winfrey was initially a shaper of the film, past unexpectedly backed out.

Another fissure opened this March, aft a committee member, Dr. Esther Choo, was mentioned successful a suit for allegedly failing to study intersexual harassment astatine her hospital. Members of Time’s Up Healthcare, which seeks to support women successful that field, pushed for Dr. Choo, 1 of their leaders, to measurement back.

But Time’s Up executives believed she was included successful the suit to gully publicity. Ms. Tchen urged members to rally to her defense, and Ms. Kaplan announced that she was representing Dr. Choo. About fractional the wellness attraction part volunteers — 20 physicians, psychologists and nurses — quit.

Things rapidly grew heated. “We attraction much astir the crazy, insane members of Times Up Healthcare???” Ms. Kaplan railed successful an email obtained by The Times.

Dr. Choo, who was not a suspect successful the suit, would not comment; the suit aboriginal settled. Ms. Kaplan said she feared that having Dr. Choo measurement down due to the fact that of an “unsupportable allegation” could permission different Time’s Up members susceptible to being forced retired implicit mendacious claims.

That situation occurred astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic the Cuomo allegations; unit turnover had already been high. Some employees who remained felt their complains astir the group’s drifting strategy had not been addressed. “Everything we did was due to the fact that we thought it benefited women and the question astatine large,” said Rebecca Goldman, the erstwhile main operating officer. That was the lawsuit whether they were pushing argumentation oregon “responding to taste moments,” she said.

Some of the astir 30 unit members besides felt muzzled. Time’s Up had made its employees motion nondisclosure and nondisparagement agreements — often required by nonprofits, though the enactment had different opposed them. (Ms. Tchen said the documents were lone meant to support victims’ stories. On Friday, aft inquiries from a reporter, she said they would beryllium revised.)


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In caller weeks, Ms. Tchen has been connected an apology tour, posting a searching letter and gathering with the board, the unit and different women’s groups. In the interview, Ms. Tchen said she was “absolutely cognizant” that immoderate radical “felt betrayed by things I person done,” adding, “There’s thing I ever wanted to bash to origin much symptom for survivors.”

Ms. Burke, the #MeToo founder, said the enactment ought to sever immoderate ties, adjacent if that meant less wins. “To bash this enactment your integrity has to beryllium beyond reproach,” she said.

She besides asked the critics for patience. “Time’s Up is young, and this occupation is old.”

Reporting was contributed by Shane Goldmacher, Nicholas Confessore, Lisa Lerer and Tiffany Hsu.

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