This is why Visor Finance (VISR) price plummeting

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Visor Finance (VISR) has been connected a escaped autumn since Tuesday, December 21. It has dropped by implicit 95.01% successful the past 24 hours.

The autumn has taken astir crypto traders and investors by surprise, particularly since astir were expecting the terms to determination supra $1.0 by the extremity of the year.

Here is simply a elaborate overview of what is causing the drastic fall.

What is Visor Finance (VISR)?

Before delving into what is causing the escaped fall, it is important we archetypal shed immoderate airy connected what Visor Finance is.

Visor Finance is simply a Uniswap based protocol that is specialized successful NFT astute vaults for liquidity provisioning. It predicts the DeFi ecosystem wherever marketplace conditions tin unlock liquidity from networks of autarkic astute vaults.

Why is Visor Finance terms falling?

The Visor Finance terms is fre falling aft a the Visor squad reaported a hack connected the protocol.

At the clip of writing, the squad was trying to code the exploit by hackers who retreat 8.8 cardinal vVISR tokens, But contempt the conserted effort to adress the issue, the token terms continued to plummet.

The hackers the vVISR staking declaration done a re-enter hack to treble mint vVISR tokens  and besides allowing tokens to beryllium limitlessly and freely minted.

We are alert of an exploit of the vVISR staking declaration and are implimenting a migration program for affected VISR. No positions oregon hypervisor's are astatine risk.

— Visor Finance (@VisorFinance) December 21, 2021

Visor has nevertheless travel retired to accidental that nary positions oregon hypervisors are astatine hazard from the exploit and that affected vVISR stakers would get their tokens back. It besides said that it volition use the ‘’token migration’’ based connected the pre-exploit protocol.

The squad said:

“Trades consequent to the vVISR exploit volition not impact your redeemable amount,”

The exploit has impacted the vVISR terms negatively aft the hacker sold each the tokens done Uniswap and utilized Tornado Cash, a non-custodial privateness protocol built connected Ethereum, to conceal his individuality and trace.

However, this is not the archetypal clip Visor has experienced a large hack, In June $500 cardinal was stolen from the web which was astir 16% then. A akin script had happened successful the SquidGame wherever the scammer escaped with the stolen funds without a hint successful October.

Defi Hack connected the rise

There person been rampant hacks and scams successful crypto implicit the past year.

One of the biggest DeFi hacks took spot this August erstwhile crypto worthy $600 cardinal was stolen crossed aggregate networks similar polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum becoming 1 of the top dollar-dominated hacks successful history.

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