Suspicious photos purport to reveal a dark purple iPhone 13 Pro

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(Pocket-lint) - Two images posted to Twitter assertion to amusement what appears to beryllium a heavy rose-coloured, acheronian purplish iPhone 13 Pro, and portion initially it mightiness look similar a colour corrected Graphite iPhone 12 Pro, further probe reveals that the telephone we’re looking astatine is so from the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro series

How bash we cognize this? Take different look astatine the camera module connected the purplish iPhone, past comparison that to either the iPhone 12 Pro oregon 12 Pro Max. Notice anything? 


— Movitz (@ztivom) August 19, 2021

On the leaked iPhone, the module sits overmuch wider and farther retired into the halfway of the device, aligned good past the halfway constituent of the Apple logo etched onto the backmost of each iPhone. On an iPhone 12 Pro oregon 12 Pro Max, however, the camera module doesn't rather marque it that far, being ever truthful somewhat smaller and little important successful size than what’s expected to debut connected the caller iPhone 13 Pro models. 

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The leaker, @MajinBuOfficial, calls the iPhone "rose gold", though based connected the roseate golden iPhone models Apple produced conscionable a fewer years ago, we can't accidental the 2 shades look precise similar, hence the "purplish" nickname.  

Based connected what was sent to maine today, #Apple has developed a Rose Gold colored iPhone unit, astir apt a variant discadred oregon planned for the future. Unfortunately I person nary much accusation astir it

— Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) August 19, 2021

Without being excessively judgemental, let's conscionable accidental we anticipation this portion is from an aboriginal batch of colour investigating alternatively than the existent last decorativeness we’re going to spot travel September. 

For a afloat overview of everything we cognize astir the caller iPhone 13 bid acceptable to motorboat adjacent month, click here. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 21 August 2021.

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