Opinion: Ted Cruz Eviscerates His Monumentally Stupid Anti-Mandate Argument

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If immoderate American wonders wherefore Republican-led states are being decimated by the Delta variant of COVID-19,  they conscionable request to see the stupidity and lies being dispersed by Republican leaders.

Nobody truly likes anserine people; they are embarrassing to beryllium astir and mostly are the taxable of ridicule by adjacent  low-IQ people. As a wide regularisation we tolerate household members and friends who are cognitively challenged, but lone arsenic agelong arsenic their stupidity doesn’t airs a menace to anyone successful their proximity.

However, erstwhile politicians and celebrities deliberately dispersed misinformation founded connected anserine arguments and easily-debunked theories, they should beryllium ostracized, called retired arsenic inherently stupid, and prohibited from opening their anserine pastry holes.

Republicans are truthful intent connected creating COVID-19 sidesplitting fields successful areas they govern and wield power implicit anserine radical that they are resorting to outright lies and insane reasoning that simply boggle the mind. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) falls into some categories and leads 1 to wonderment however helium manages life’s simplest regular tasks that immoderate brainless single-called amoeba has mastered.

In an effort to pushback against vaccine and disguise mandates, Ted Cruz utilized an illustration that should embarrass different truly anserine people.

According to Cruz, radical should person the state to dispersed a deadly microorganism due to the fact that successful America they person the state to springiness themselves cancer. The ignorant sot told CNBC:

“You cognize what? Smokers erstwhile they airy up a cigarette, they’re expanding their chances they’re gonna get lung cancer. That whitethorn not beryllium a omniscient determination to do, but successful America we get radical the state to marque decisions astir their ain health, adjacent if we don’t o.k. of the decisions they whitethorn end.”

First, and arsenic an aside, successful America Republicans are notorious for not letting women person the state to marque decisions astir their ain health, but that is the taxable of different discussion; though it adds to the level of stupidity  a heaping helping of hypocrisy to Cruz’s statement against vaccine and disguise mandates. Just sayin’.

It is existent Americans “get  the freedom” to airy up a cigaret if they choose, but they are heavy restricted to wherever they tin airy up to forestall them from endangering the public.

The lone valid portion of Cruz’s remark is that radical who fume bash summation their chances of getting lung cancer. However, arsenic the CDC reports and adjacent anserine radical cognize arsenic a fact:

Not lone does smoking origin crab and decease successful radical who smoke, determination is nary risk-free level of vulnerability to secondhand smoke.”

That is precisely wherefore smoking is banned successful each abstraction unfastened to the public; 2nd manus fume has caused millions of deaths successful America.

If Cruz wasn’t truthful intent connected proving his anti-vaxxer, anti-mask bona fides, 1 would deliberation helium whitethorn person remembered that elemental fact. He has been connected a rider pitchy precocious erstwhile he flew to Cancun Mexico to flight the acold erstwhile Texas residents were freezing owed to mislaid power. And it is simply a certainty that helium was capable to bask his formation sans fume successful the compartment and the airport.  

The information of 2nd manus fume connected the nationalist wellness is wherefore airlines legally “mandate” that passengers refrain from lighting up precisely similar they should mandate that each passengers deterioration masks and amusement a grounds of being vaccinated against COVID-19 anterior to boarding.

Right present 93% of COVID infections are from the “Delta variant’ ravaging Cruz’s location authorities of Texas. And determination is impervious  that adjacent extracurricular vulnerability to the highly-infectious delta variant by vaccinated radical tin origin them to declaration COVID-19.”  Still, Cruz opposes immoderate and each effort to mitigate the dispersed of COVID. He said:

My presumption is we should person nary COVID mandates. What does that mean? That means nary disguise mandates, nary vaccine mandates, that means nary vaccine passports. We shouldn’t measurement into a authorities wherever the authorities says, ‘show america your papers’ if you privation to bash the basal activities of life.”

How anserine is Ted Cruz?  There person been vaccine mandates successful America since General George Washington led Americans into conflict against the English during the Revolutionary War. And each subdivision of the Armed Services inoculates caller recruits arsenic a substance of course, and inoculates them again depending connected what portion of the satellite they are deployed. And it is astir definite that nary substance wherever Cruz’s children be school, they were required to beryllium vaccinated against a slew of diseases; it is communal signifier successful each authorities of the Union, including Texas.

Texas, on with the different authorities tally by evil Republicans, Florida relationship for one-third of caller COVID-19 cases ravaging the state and determination is simply a logical explanation; radical are not getting vaccinated and flout they thought of wearing a disguise to support themselves, their families and their communities. And each clip Cruz runs his anserine rima helium perpetuates the content that vaccines and masks are anserine ideas. He did say, arsenic if helium has a modicum of intelligence, that:

If idiosyncratic doesn’t instrumentality the vaccine, they airs comparatively small menace to me, they airs comparatively small menace to idiosyncratic who has chosen to instrumentality the vaccine.”

As the CDC has said advertisement nauseam to get the connection done to anserine morons similar Cruz and his base:

Even vaccinated radical tin dispersed COVID-19.” It is precisely wherefore CDC guidance “recommends masks for some the vaccinated and unvaccinated successful high-transmission areas.”

It isn’t wide conscionable however anserine Cruz truly is, but based connected his statement for wherefore Americans should cull vaccines and reason disguise mandates helium is simply a class-A dummy. However, arsenic noted above, erstwhile anserine radical airs a wide and contiguous information to the nationalist astatine large, they should beryllium ostracized mercilessly. In Ted Cruz’s case, helium should beryllium bound and gagged successful the involvement of nationalist wellness and to sphere immoderate of his anserine followers’ lives.

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