How to Prepare for a Hurricane

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U.S.|How to hole before, during and aft a hurricane.

Covering the windows astatine  Salty's Clam Shack successful  Westerly, R.I., successful  mentation  for the accomplishment  of Hurricane Henri.
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Jesus Jiménez

  • Aug. 21, 2021Updated 4:15 p.m. ET

Hurricane Henri strengthened connected Saturday and was expected to marque landfall connected Long Island oregon confederate New England connected Sunday, bringing dense rain, imaginable flooding and a unsafe tempest surge.

Here’s however to hole for a hurricane oregon tropical storm:

Ahead of a storm, the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends signing up for section upwind alerts and learning evacuation routes.

In the lawsuit of a powerfulness loss, the National Weather Service suggests having a battery-operated vigor for quality updates.

The Red Cross suggests preparing an exigency kit with the pursuing items: h2o (enough for 1 gallon per idiosyncratic per day), nonperishable food, a flashlight, a archetypal assistance kit, a multipurpose tool, manus sanitizer oregon sanitation wipes, important idiosyncratic documents, blankets and maps of the area.

FEMA besides recommends preparing a “go bag” with indispensable items, specified arsenic medications, and securing important documents, specified arsenic financial, medical, schoolhouse and ineligible records.

During a storm, FEMA suggests staying distant from windows successful the lawsuit of precocious winds, and seeking structure connected the lowest level of a location successful an interior room, specified arsenic a closet.

If determination is flooding, FEMA says radical should question higher ground. In the lawsuit of flooding, the National Weather Service says those driving should ne'er thrust done flooded roadways. Two feet of flowing h2o is capable to interval a vehicle.

Residents should heed guidance from section officials, and promptly travel immoderate evacuation orders.

Once a tempest has passed, the authorities inactive impulse drivers to debar flooded roadways. Anyone who evacuated should hold to instrumentality until section officials accidental it is harmless to bash so.

Residents successful an country affected by a tempest should besides debar drinking pat h2o unless section officials accidental it is harmless to use.

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