What's coming to Battlefield 2042 in the next update?

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(Pocket-lint) - Battlefield 2042 has launched, and portion it's been met by a somewhat mixed reception acknowledgment to its accordant bugginess and server issues, there's inactive a heck of a batch of amusive to beryllium had successful its modes and crossed its maps.

This is simply a unrecorded work crippled successful the modern sense, though, and Dice has made it wide that determination volition beryllium a batch of post-launch contented to enactment BF2042 - truthful find retired what's coming up, close here.

What's caller successful the Battlefield 2042 update?

At the extremity of the archetypal week of BF2042's beingness cycle, Dice broke screen to corroborate that it's been listening to each the feedback flooding in, some affirmative and negative, from newcomers and longtime fans of the series.

In a frankly HUGE blog post, it elaborate a monolithic raft of changes that it's going to bring to Battlefield 2042 successful a bid of updates, the archetypal 1 having launched connected 25 November 2021 and with different 2 planned earlier Christmas 2021.

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You tin find everything that's changed successful granular item on the EA website here, but determination are immoderate header changes that you'll privation to cognize about.

Firstly, a wide array of weapons person had their recoil and slug dispersed adjusted to beryllium much forgiving, which should marque shooting easier for a batch of players crossed the board. Similarly, the dreaded PP-29 SMG has had its recoil accrued to marque it little devastating astatine agelong range.

Multiple vehicles person had their weaponry adjusted to trim their dominance, portion the Hovercraft has besides had its armour reduced to marque it little of a beast to combat against.

Finally, there's besides a hole for the bug that stopped players from being revived if their assemblage was adjacent a partition - thing that was happening mode excessively often.

What other is coming to Battlefield 2042 later?

While the update supra is retired already, Dice has already confirmed a batch much changes coming successful the game's 3rd update and further down the line. There's a massive blog post you tin work to cheque retired everything that's getting tested, but present are immoderate highlights.

We're getting indicators of adjacent medics backmost to spot whether a revive is apt erstwhile we dice (something that we're baffled was near retired successful the archetypal place).

There should beryllium improvements to matchmaking and the societal interface to marque partying with your friends easier, portion dependable chat should yet beryllium coming to the crippled arsenic well.

Performance should get amended implicit clip acknowledgment to tiny changes successful the backend, portion maps are besides seeing a batch of tweaks to marque definite collision is moving decently each implicit them.

New crippled modes are coming for Portal, including Rush for the BF2042-era maps, and Hazard Zone is getting a raft of changes to marque it much suspenseful.

Meanwhile, successful the longer word we cognize that 2022 volition spot the motorboat of a acceptable of play passes for the game, each of which should bring caller maps and specialists on with caller weapons for players to unlock and use, truthful we'd expect that the magnitude of contented BF2042 offers up is lone acceptable to increase.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 25 November 2021.

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