Watch Elizabeth Warren Rip The Heart Out Of Republican Criticisms Of Biden On Afghanistan

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) utilized her questions during a Senate proceeding connected Afghanistan to gut the main Republican criticisms of Biden.


Sen Elizabeth Warren gets to the bosom of the occupation successful Afghanistan. Trump unopen down the SIV program, and Gen. Milley says it was a "certainty" that US troops would person been attacked and killed if they would person stayed successful Afghanistan longer.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 28, 2021


Sen. Warren: Hard to get everyone out. One problem, of course, there were truthful galore Afghan SIV applicants successful cobble waiting to be evacuated due to the fact that the Trump administration had essentially shut the programme down. Withdrawal was a massive operation conducted successful a chaotic, unpredictable environment.  Some radical person criticized you for leaving connected August 31st. But I conscionable privation to research that for a minute. General Milley, erstwhile the Afghan government collapsed successful August, would you accidental that staying past the day of their collapse would’ve exposed the unit on the crushed to substantial additional risk? “

Gen. Milley:  Yes. That is precisely what we assess if we stayed past the 31st, the risk to U.S. Military casualties, the hazard to the mission and astir importantly the hazard to the American citizens that are inactive determination was going to precise precocious levels. We thought determination was a level of risk that was unacceptable. 

Sen. Warren: Just truthful I’m sure, and everyone has this connected the record. If we stayed different week or two oregon three, past it is likely there would person been another attack that killed American work membersIs that what you are saying? 

Gen. Milley: I would accidental that is simply a certainty.

Trump Created The SIV Mess, And Republicans Wanted Biden To Send More Troops To Die

The Republican disapproval of Biden fundamentally boils down to complaining that helium didn’t cleanable up Trump’s Special Immigrant Visa mess, and helium wouldn’t nonstop much young women to look definite decease successful Afghanistan.

The American radical spot done what Republicans are spinning, and that is wherefore the immense bulk of them inactive supported leaving aft the violent onslaught astatine the Kabul Airport.

Sen. Warren got to the bosom of the matter, and her insightful questions chopped the Republican disapproval of Biden connected Afghanistan down to size.

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