'Unbelievable' scenes as Gawn nails post-siren winner

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Bravo Max Gawn, bravo Melbourne, bravo the footy gods.

Astonishing scenes played retired astatine Kardinia Park connected Saturday nighttime arsenic Gawn slotted a acceptable changeable aft the siren to clinch a scarcely believable comeback triumph implicit Geelong, handing his broadside a 12.9 (81) to 12.5 (77) win.

Making the infinitesimal adjacent much magical is the post-siren footwear has sealed the Demons' archetypal insignificant premiership successful 57 years, ending a drought that had stretched backmost to 1964.

Melbourne conceded 10 goals successful succession to beryllium trailing by 44 points aboriginal successful the 2nd half, but they charged location successful the last 4th to guarantee they finished the regular play successful apical spot connected the ladder.

Melbourne trailed by 32 points astatine the last alteration earlier moving successful six goals to Geelong's zero successful the past word – and Gawn's post-siren heroics had the Cats going berserk.

Melbourne skipper Max Gawn lines up for his post-siren goal. (AFL Photos via Getty Images)

When Demons defender Jake Lever sent a footwear fizzing wrong 50 with little than 25 seconds connected the clock, Gawn arose successful congestion heavy successful Melbourne's guardant enactment to instrumentality a important grab.

Adding to the theatre were pictures of Geelong mentor Chris Scott storming retired of the coaches' box, incapable to carnivore the drastic scenes.

Gawn past struck the shot and it ne'er looked similar missing.

"Unbelievable! What an astonishing time of footy!" tweeted Rohan Connolly, formerly of The Age.

Ronny Lerner of the Herald Sun posted: "I'm not definite what I conscionable witnessed. That is 1 of the astir singular games of shot I person ever seen. Gawn you champion!"

Melbourne skipper Max Gawn is swamped by his teammates aft kicking the post-siren winner. (Getty)

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