The 'changing landscape' behind Langer's fall

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Australian cricket fable Mark Taylor believes the uncertainty surrounding the aboriginal of manager Justin Langer is simply a motion of the "changing landscape" successful which players person much power.

Langer's presumption arsenic the Australian caput manager has been nether question successful caller weeks.

It follows reports of a blow-up between him and a Cricket Australia staffer during the caller circuit of Bangladesh, portion determination was rumoured friction among players aft Langer reportedly negotiated his ain woody with Amazon for the Test documentary.

According to Taylor, players having "more power" than ever earlier is present resulting successful the Australian squad's interior issues being played retired successful the media.

"The disappointing happening retired of each of this is it's the motion of the changing landscape," Taylor told Nine's Sports Sunday.

Justin Langer Tim Paine (Getty)

"Things similar this we are talking astir acold much openly. This benignant of worldly utilized to beryllium handled successful the alteration rooms, oregon successful a barroom afterwards implicit a mates of beers.

"I retrieve erstwhile I took implicit the captaincy from Allan Border and Bob Simpson was the coach, helium and I had a fig of one-on-one chats.

"We sat down and talked astir however we wanted to beryllium captained and coached. It wasn't done the media and that's the disappointing happening now.

"One of the problems we arsenic ex-players are having occupation with is due to the fact that it's not done the mode we utilized to bash it. Players person much powerfulness these days, I've said that before.

"Therefore their relationships successful and astir media person much powerfulness arsenic well. All of this worldly is filtering retired into the nationalist abstraction wherever 20 oregon 30 years agone it didn't."

Australian cricket large Mark Taylor (Getty)

Taylor believes the power Cricket Australia erstwhile had connected its players is present a happening of the past.

"It's a motion of the times for maine that there's been a displacement of the aged accepted mode wherever CA controlled the players, and truthful the players did what they were told to do," helium added.

"Now with T20 cricket - IPL, BBL and BPL, each these sorts of things, players person much power.

"They don't needfully person to align themselves with Australian cricket adjacent though they privation to beryllium Australian cricketers. There are different options now.

"It makes it hard for Cricket Australia to perfectly power the players. This is the motion of the 21st-century cricketer.

"With that should beryllium a alteration successful work and accountability. Everyone inactive looks astatine CA to say, 'you've got to benignant this.'

"It's not casual to benignant due to the fact that the players are much sole traders these days than they were successful my time."

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