t’s The Biggest Scandal in the Country Right Now: Watch Nicolle Wallace Slam Ron DeSantis for his Bumbling COVID-19 Response

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Joe Biden precocious ended America’s engagement successful Afghanistan. And for a fig of reasons, galore of them not his fault, helium is having a hard time.

Ron DeSantis couldn’t beryllium happier astir cablegram quality spending overmuch of its airtime connected Afghanistan. The Florida politician is getting a walk connected the information that the COVID surge successful his authorities is getting worse, not better.

The MSNBC big began by mocking Republican’s claims that their freedoms are being infringed upon. “You know, Pee Wee shot has a request that you enactment thing overmuch heavier than a disguise connected your caput and shoulders. Little league shot requires that anyone older than 6 deterioration a cup. There are a batch of things much invasive than a disguise that radical are required to bash and you don’t spot them physically and verbally abusing different parents astatine schoolhouse committee meetings.”

It's The Biggest Scandal successful the Country Right Now: Watch Nicolle Wallace Slam Ron DeSantis for his Bumbling COVID-19 Response. https://t.co/uiodo7I1B3


Wallace past moved onto the embattled governor. Speaking straight to Florida residents, she remarked, “Your peacock of a politician made his mode connected to Fox News and is, you know, showing disconnected his beauteous feathers arsenic radical and kids are dropping dormant successful his state. You know, it is the biggest ungraded successful the state what that politician is doing and helium inactive finds harmless harbor connected Fox News successful premier time. What is happening?”

DeSantis isn’t conscionable getting distant with ignoring a wellness situation successful his state, helium is being celebrated for it. At slightest erstwhile it comes to his reception connected the Fox News network.

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