'Sad' reality facing Dugan after second COVID breach

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NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler says it's "sad" that the behavioural issues that dogged Josh Dugan astatine the commencement of his vocation are inactive proving an contented implicit a decennary later, as the Cronulla Sharks prima faces allegations of a 2nd COVID breach amid Sydney's existent lockdown.

The NRL integrity portion is investigating claims Josh Dugan breached NSW wellness orders and the league's biosecurity protocols connected Friday.

Dugan and different antheral are facing fines of up to $10,000 aft they were pulled implicit successful the NSW municipality of Lithgow - 150 kilometres from their places of residence.

Dugan was instructed by constabulary to crook backmost and instrumentality to the Sutherland Shire but was caught again 40 minutes aboriginal driving distant from Sydney.

Josh Dugan (Getty)

The Sharks contacted the integrity portion aft uncovering retired astir the incidental this morning. Dugan was near successful Sydney portion the remainder of the Sharks squad relocated to Queensland for the remainder of the season.

It's the 2nd COVID onslaught against Dugan aft the centre was fined $25,000 by the NRL past period for breaking the code's protocols.

Fittler said it was "sad" to spot the aforesaid behavioural issues that person dogged Dugan passim his clip successful the NRL, proceed into the autumn of his career.

"It's a spot bittersweet I think," NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler said.

Sharks subordinate Josh Dugan. (Getty)

"The things astir behaviour that challenged Josh astatine the commencement of his vocation are inactive challenging him astatine the extremity of his career.

"I accidental we've got to hold and spot what his excuse is and however he's going to appeal, but, yeah, helium hasn't learnt."

NSW Police confirmed to News Corp that 2 men are expected to beryllium charged for the alleged breach.

"The men allegedly weren't wearing masks and checks revealed they were from Gymea and Alexandria," a constabulary spokesperson said.

Josh Dugan (Getty)

"The operator allegedly told constabulary they were moving to the country and were going to provender animals, nevertheless aboriginal admitted they were heading to a friend's location for the weekend.

"They were directed to instrumentality home. About 40 minutes later, officers detected the aforesaid conveyance travelling distant from Sydney towards Yetholme. The men were stopped and again directed to instrumentality to their homes. Charges are expected to beryllium laid."

Dugan is readying to combat the allegations.

The Cronulla Sharks person refused to remark portion the substance is ongoing.

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