Rennie 'bloody angry' after All Blacks snub

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Wallabies manager Dave Rennie says he's "bloody angry" astatine New Zealand Rugby's determination not to nonstop the All Blacks to Perth arsenic relations betwixt the trans-Tasman rivals proceed to unravel.

The Rugby Championship fixture was thrown into chaos by NZR's announcement connected Friday, which Rugby Australia called a "unilateral decision".

The All Blacks were initially scheduled to alert to Perth connected Sunday successful mentation for the 3rd trial astatine Optus Stadium connected August 28, which besides doubled arsenic a Rugby Championship fixture.

But with New Zealand successful lockdown owed to rising Covid cases and the uncertainty astir the schedule, NZR pulled the pin.

The Black Ferns' 2 tests against the Wallaroos successful New Zealand person besides been canned arsenic good the All Blacks' 2 location tests against South Africa.

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Rennie, who is simply a Kiwi, was filthy astatine the mode successful which NZR had gone astir the full process.

"Bloody angry," Rennie said successful the opening salvo of his property league connected Friday.

"It's disappointing however it's been communicated. Our boys each recovered retired done societal media.

"NZ Rugby didn't adjacent person the respect to consult RA astir their decision, truthful that's hugely disappointing.

"I'm not definite shocked is the close word, due to the fact that I'm not surprised."

Furious RA brag Andy Marinos said they were informed by the media of the determination contempt ongoing discussions with his New Zealand other Mark Robinson.

"It's incredibly disappointing to beryllium informed of this determination via the media, contempt having a speech with the CEO moments earlier and determination [was] nary notation that this was the intention," Marinos said successful a statement.

He felt that discussions betwixt each parties, including the Western Australia government, had been affirmative and they were "close to uncovering a solution" with a gathering scheduled with SANZAAR aboriginal for Friday.

Rennie was peculiarly upset fixed the mode the Wallabies person bent implicit backwards implicit the past 15 months to accommodate the All Blacks.

That included changing fixtures past twelvemonth to guarantee All Blacks players wouldn't person to quarantine during Christmas.

"I conscionable consciousness there's lone 1 of america who are funny successful doing what's champion for the game," Rennie said.

Coach Dave Rennie of the Wallabies reacts aft losing astatine Eden Park. (Getty)

"We've each made sacrifices to guarantee that the games are played for the fiscal payment of everyone and the bully of the game.

"If they're playing the payment card, good our NSW guys haven't been location for 8 weeks already with nary wide extremity successful show either, with the likelihood that guys won't get location until precocious November.

"NZ's cognition to not honouring their committedness is truly disappointing. It's each astir them and without immoderate conception of what it's doing implicit here."

It's believed that the WA authorities was acceptable to let the All Blacks into the state, provided they arrived 7 days earlier the lucifer and completed "soft" quarantine, arsenic interstate AFL teams presently do.

But NZR main enforcement Mark Robinson said that they weren't prepared to nonstop the squad to Perth with truthful overmuch uncertainty astir question and scheduling, with Queensland and adjacent Europe mooted arsenic imaginable big locations for the Rugby Championship.

Robinson defended the last-minute determination not to nonstop the All Blacks to Perth.

"We surely don't judge this has been a unilateral decision," Robinson said successful effect to RA's statement.

"We person been communicating close done the week with SANZAAR and Rugby Australia and made precise wide to them the risks and concerns we had.

"So portion we recognize the emotion coming retired of by the sounds of it ... we are truly comfy with communication, the rationale that we've enactment successful down the determination and precise comfy with the information that we're lasting down their people."

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