Press Release Circulation Fantasies Dissipated

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Press Release Circulation Fantasies Dissipated

Strategies for distributing press release distribution are however subject to a myriad of misconceptions that make them unsuitable for a lot of people and companies. They are mostly spread by an influx of a influx of incorrectly educated SEO "experts," freelance consultants, writers and marketing. Yet despite the fact that technology in communication has changed but not much about press dissemination has changed. Let's dispel these myths in one sentence: Your news release submission strategy should only target relevant editors/publications, use links sparingly in the actual distribute press release and include a consistent, timely campaign of news releases even if there are no "huge events" going on in your company. These myths have been dispelled. See below for more details.

The Myth of Press Release Distribution #1: Distribute your release on as many media outlets as you can.

Press release for distribution aren't considered article and are not published in article directories. Instead they are an informational piece that is only relevant to certain newspapers. What makes an editor from a daily newspaper in Arizona be interested in the grand opening of your ice cream shop launch in Toronto? Why should the editor of a magazine for charity people suffering from cancer want to know about the announcement of the launch of your website for your designer handbags? They don't. Actually the email you send or the request to be included will be deemed spam and immediately deleted. With the best of luck, they'll block your submissions from the future.

This is the first issue that is often overlooked when it comes to distribution of PRs: publications are tailored to a particular topic, area or both. Distributing your announcements to those who are likely to be irritated by it is foolish. Don't do it.

Think about this: if you're publishing your press release distribution service to websites that take any kind of release from any source, how many value consider there to be in the brief glimpse of PR0 link you'll receive for around one hour on low-authority websites?


Myth #2: Add all links is possible

Yes Press release distribution websites are more flexible in relation to links than directories for articles. However, using this privilege in a way that isn't ethical could make you appear as a gimmicky, spammy advertiser. The release you publish is a news article and not an advertisement. A couple of links in the release, and an additional one within the boilerplate is sufficient to allow conversions and SEO for search engines. The primary reason for the best press release distribution services is to communicate. Make sure you remember this. If you're looking to get massive backlinks and converts, consider writing articles - however, you must do it correctly as well.

Myth # 3: It is believed that you require an occasion of great importance for the press release

You don't. You are able to submit a press release distribution services to the media for the following and other occasions:

*Launch of a brand new product*Launch new service
*Website launches
*Website revamp
*Expert positioning
Media contact information or updates
*Staff changes/promotions
Changes in ownership or management
*Announcing partnerships
*Special events (including sales events)
*Moving to a different location or building
*Charity events
*Certifications and licensing

And on and on. Don't forget, your news doesn't have be awe-inspiring. It's just important to be useful and pertinent. The more hot and more pertinent the subject is, the more relevant.

The fourth myth is that you should submit your work in small amounts

This myth has a connection to the third one above however, because of a variety reasons. Most people who are not in the media business consider best press release distribution to be an ethereal, rare phenomenon that happens very rarely. This is completely the contrary of what is actually happening.

Companies that make great strides through press releases, submit regularly. They are in constant contact with the media, and consequently they remain in contact with the general public. Some companies run campaigns that includes monthly or weekly updates that never have a lack of news. - how are press releases distributed

In the end, it's all about the quality: If you've got real news and high-quality writing, and you are able to submit a top-quality press release distribution lists you can dramatically increase reputation, boost the authority of your business and be a step ahead of your competitors. -  how to press release distribution

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