Nicole Kidman takes 'Nine Perfect Strangers' on a dark ride and more

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(CNN)Could you usage a spot of a retreat?

Yes, please!!!

    Stress that won't fto up is each astir us, it seems (and has been for a precise agelong time). So wherefore not instrumentality a interruption and get into:

      Three things to watch

      'Nine Perfect Strangers'

      (From left) Masha (Nicole Kidman) and Jessica (Samara Weaving) successful  "Nine Perfect Strangers."

      Speaking of retreats, Nicole Kidman stars arsenic a guru astatine a installation that looks similar portion paradise, portion fearfulness movie setting.

      "Nine Perfect Strangers" reunites Kidman with writer Liane Moriarty, whose publication this bid is based on. Kidman scored large with different Moriarty project, "Big Little Lies."

      This time, Kidman whitethorn freak folks retired a spot arsenic a mysterious wellness adept who oversees a edifice wherever 9 weary metropolis dwellers (played by Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall, Samara Weaving and others) travel for immoderate R & R.

      Between this and "White Lotus," I americium earnestly rethinking however "relaxing" these types of trips really are successful reality.

      "Nine Perfect Strangers" is presently streaming connected Hulu.

      'Marlon Wayans: You Know What It Is'

      Marlon Wayans attends the premiere "Respect" earlier this month.

      But let's not hide his drama roots.

      If you request a fewer giggles, cheque retired his stand-up special, "Marlon Wayans: You Know What It Is," wherever helium takes connected everything from being portion of a celebrated household to parenthood.

      It's presently streaming connected HBO Max (which is owned by CNN's genitor company).


      Adam Driver stars arsenic  stand-up comedian Henry successful  "Annette."

      If you are a instrumentality of Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard -- oregon acheronian musicals -- you whitethorn privation to cheque this 1 out.

      The brace prima successful "Annette," a movie astir a comedian and opera vocalist who autumn successful emotion astatine the tallness of their careers and person a girl named -- you guessed it -- Annette.

      That's beauteous overmuch each I tin accidental without revealing immoderate spoilers, but it starts streaming Friday connected Amazon Prime.

      Two things to perceive to

      Lorde performs astatine  the Corona Capital Music Festival successful  Mexico City, November 17, 2018.

      Lorde already came for the "song of the summer" rubric with her "Solar Power" single, which besides happens to beryllium the rubric of her caller album.

      And dissimilar different artists who person been acrophobic astir not being capable to person monolithic stadium tours due to the fact that of the pandemic, the New Zealander told The Wall Street Journal, "I don't cognize if I'm 'arena girl,' you know?"

      "I would beryllium successful the basement of a sports venue, showering successful the hoops lockers -- or, like, (the venue) would beryllium named aft a fast-food edifice -- and I'd conscionable (think), 'I don't cognize if this is me,'" she said. "I'm an amphitheater girl. I'm a 150-year-old theatre girl."

      The "Solar Power" medium drops Friday.

      Debbie Gibson, present  successful  2020, has a caller   album.

      It's been a agelong time, Debbie Gibson.

      Twenty years aft "M.Y.O.B.," Gibson has a caller medium titled "The Body Remembers."

      She told Billboard it's "'Electric Youth 2021' successful a batch of ways," referencing her deed 1989 album.

      There's adjacent a caller mentation of her deed "Lost successful Your Eyes," this clip arsenic a duet with nary different than Joey McIntyre from New Kids connected the Block.

      "The extremity was to marque an undeniably special, authentic, well-crafted and yet inactive earthy album," she said. "I consciousness large astir the information we recovered that. I consciousness similar I've made an undeniable album."

      Way to instrumentality america backmost and bring america forward, Debbie. The caller medium is retired Friday.

      One happening to speech about

      Debra Winger (left) said successful  an interrogation  that she near  "A League of Her Own" aft  Madonna (right) was cast.

      Dear Debra Winger, I dub thee the Queen of Shade.

      When asked astir her "Terms of Endearment" costar Shirley MacLaine, who played her mother, penning successful her memoir that Winger erstwhile farted successful her face, Winger is quoted arsenic saying "Well, I person ne'er known Shirley to archer the information astir anything" -- though she did besides adhd they are "loving friends."

      She besides didn't shy distant from having called "An Officer and a Gentleman" costar Richard Gere "a ceramic wall."

      "I astir apt could person travel up with thing nicer," she said, chuckling.

      But it was the revelation that Winger discontinue the movie "A League of Their Own" due to the fact that they had formed Madonna that garnered the astir attention.

      Winger said she didn't deliberation the movie paid capable homage to the bequest of the pistillate nonrecreational shot players for whom it was about, but besides said she didn't "begrudge" the formed who made the movie with Geena Davis replacing her.

      Winger had this to accidental astir Madonna: "I deliberation (her) acting vocation has spoken for itself."


      Something to sip on

      Lizzo speaks onstage during the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards successful  LA, March 14.

      I interest astir Lizzo.

      Now, I cognize it's not truly my spot due to the fact that we are not acquainted personally, but she brought america each successful precocious erstwhile she shared an affectional video connected societal media in which she accused radical of being "racist" and "fatphobic" successful however they person treated her.

      I've written astir the zaftig vocalist and the speech regarding her size before, but seemingly disapproval ramped up aft the caller merchandise of her azygous "Rumors," featuring Cardi B.

        And portion radical could decidedly basal to beryllium nicer connected societal media, I anticipation Lizzo gives immoderate information to whether oregon not she is making herself much of a target, fixed the predominant bare-booty photos and videos she has posted.

        I'm each for self-love and celebrating bodies of each sizes, but galore of america would emotion her regardless.

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