LIVE: Huge bonus offered for biggest knockout

1 year ago 417

It's combat night, and promoter George Rose isn't playing astir - offering a immense bonus to whomever brings the biggest fireworks.

"People emotion to ticker Paul Gallen combat - whether they emotion him arsenic an athlete, oregon due to the fact that they privation to spot him getting knocked the hellhole out," Rose said.

But whether it's Gallen, his hostile Darcy Lussick, oregon idiosyncratic further down the card, someone's walking distant with a abdominous bonus.

"I don't privation to spot who tin triumph connected points connected this card, I privation to spot who tin get the knockout," Rose said.

"So connected Wednesday nighttime I'm going to beryllium putting up $20,000 to the victor of the knockout of the night. The currency is there, it's acceptable to spell for whoever wants it.

"Just get retired determination and plaything boys."

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