Legend debunks contentious Munster theory

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Melbourne five-eighth Cameron Munster is an adept astatine knowing erstwhile to tally the amusement and erstwhile to fto his teammates weave magic of their own, according to rugby league icon Ruan Sims.

The NRLW large has debunked the mentation that Munster's fading successful and retired of games is simply a blight, alternatively insisting helium knows erstwhile to backmost disconnected to let Jahrome Hughes, Brandon Smith, Nicho Hynes and galore of his different weapon teammates the limelight.

Sims' comments person followed different scintillating Munster performance, successful which the Queensland State of Origin playmaker dominated successful the Storm's 34-20 triumph implicit the Titans connected Thursday.

Munster finished the crippled with 1 try, 1 effort assist, 4 tackle busts, 2 line-breaks, 30 tackles and 145 metres arsenic Melbourne equalled the grounds 19-game winning streak of the 1975 Eastern Suburbs side.

"He's travel into disapproval a small spot passim the twelvemonth [with] radical saying helium drifts successful and retired of games. But I really deliberation what helium does is helium allows the players astir him – determination are players astir him who are honestly connected fire," Sims said connected Wide World of Sports' The Final Whistle.

Melbourne five-eighth Cameron Munster throws a walk during the Gold Coast clash. (Getty)

"Jahrome Hughes has been playing bully footy, Brandon Smith is playing bully footy, Nicho Hynes is popping up passim the middle, [Ryan] Papenhuyzen earlier helium was injured ...

"[Munster] conscionable allowed them to play their earthy crippled and helium played disconnected the backmost and supported successful immoderate mode they needed to beryllium supported to beryllium palmy arsenic a team.

"And past erstwhile those players either autumn down oregon drift disconnected ... helium steps up and fills the void.

"And that's what makes him specified a bully player.

"He knows erstwhile to get successful beforehand of it, erstwhile to propulsion from behind, erstwhile to enactment and erstwhile to play the starring role."

NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler labelled Sims' appraisal of Munster "a bully summation".

While the Storm person racked up 40 oregon much points successful 11 of the 22 games they've played this season, they recovered themselves successful an arm-wrestle successful the Titans clash connected the Gold Coast.

After taking different undermanned broadside into the crippled against the Titans – they were missing Hughes, Smith, Justin Olam, Nelson Asofa-Solomona and respective different first-grade regulars – they trailed 16-12 astatine the half-time break.

Melbourne hooker Brandon Smith celebrates scoring a try. (Getty)

But Craig Bellamy's men past ran successful 4 second-half tries to the Titans' 1 en way to victory.

Munster ignited the second-half surge erstwhile helium burrowed implicit for a effort connected the near borderline successful the 46th minute.

He besides pulled the Titans isolated with a dummy and line-break from 60 metres retired successful the 70th infinitesimal to acceptable up an Addo-Carr try.

"There's been times erstwhile they've been beating teams by 50 points and [Munster] conscionable sits backmost and lets everyone bash their stuff," Fittler said.

"They were playing the Titans [on the weekend] ... and I deliberation it was adjacent astatine half-time and helium thought, 'Well I amended measurement up here', and helium won the game.

"Anytime the game's got adjacent Cam Munster is usually the 1 that usually tweaks it towards their side. You don't spot him successful the 50s scoring that galore tries oregon doing overmuch of the superb stuff, but arsenic soon arsenic it gets pugnacious he's the 1 that steps up."

Melbourne five-eighth Cameron Munster crosses for a effort against Newcastle. (Getty)

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