JWH somehow escapes injury after horror tackle

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The Roosters volition beryllium counting their fortunate stars nine favourite and NRL enforcer Jared Waerea-Hargreaves escaped wounded aft becoming trapped successful a fearfulness tackle against the Dragons

The Tricolours saw disconnected a gallant second-half comeback from the Red V arsenic Daniel Tupou emerged successful a precocious flurry to container a sensational hat-trick successful Toowoomba.

The 40-22 effect each but ended the Dragons' play arsenic the Roosters firmed up their clasp connected a fourth-place decorativeness up of finals football.

But their post-season mentation could person been doomed successful a split-second erstwhile Waerea-Hargreaves went down successful a gruesome tackle aboriginal successful the match.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves got tangled successful an awkward tackle. (Getty)

The enforcer sent panic astir Clive Berghofer Stadium erstwhile his legs became trapped underneath him and splayed retired arsenic players piled onto the ruck.

Play instantly stopped for immoderate clip arsenic members from some teams rushed to his aid, with trainers soon connected the transportation to thin to the Chooks favourite.

"The pain, everyone felt it there...the large fella fto retired a shriek of agony," Fox Sports's Andrew Voss said successful commentary.

NSW Blues large Greg Alexander agreed.

"Both legs are spread, helium goes backwards... players conscionable aren't that flexible are they to beryllium doing thing similar that. He instantly grabbed the wrong of that close knee," helium said.

Waerea-Hargreaves gets crushed nether a fearfulness tackle. (Twitter)

Miraculously, Waerea-Hargreaves roseate to his feet conscionable minutes later, overmuch to the disbelief of fans astatine Toowoomba, dusting himself pff earlier rejoining his spot successful the antiaircraft line.

"This is bonzer if helium gets to his feet and is capable to play connected due to the fact that your limb is not meant to beryllium bent successful that manner," Voss said.

"His limb indispensable beryllium made of rubber, helium indispensable person immoderate unthinkable elasticity successful his legs to let him to get up due to the fact that that looked truthful atrocious and present helium is lasting and he's going to play on."

Meanwhile, teammate Nat Butcher wouldn't beryllium truthful fortunate erstwhile helium suffered what looked to beryllium a genu wounded successful the opening seconds of the 2nd fractional successful a tackle with Tariq Sims.

He played nary further portion successful the match, with the grade of his wounded inactive yet to beryllium confirmed.

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