Hamilton's dramatic F1 loss sparks death threats

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Williams operator Nicholas Latifi revealed Tuesday that helium received decease threats aft his precocious clang astatine the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix sparked a arguable ending to the Formula One rubric race.

The Canadian's clang with 5 laps remaining brought retired the information car and helped Max Verstappen bushed Lewis Hamilton for the title.

Nicholas Latifi of Williams looks connected during the F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. (Getty)

The 26-year-old Latifi condemned the torrent of maltreatment helium received connected societal media.

“What shocked maine was the utmost code of the hate, abuse, and adjacent the decease threats I received,” helium said successful a lengthy statement.

Hamilton, of Mercedes, had a astir 12-second pb with Red Bull's Verstappen successful 2nd erstwhile the clang brought retired the yellowish flag.

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Verstappen pitted for caller tyres portion Hamilton stayed connected track. The contention manager initially said lapped drivers could not walk the information car, past reversed the telephone successful a determination that returned Verstappen to 2nd erstwhile the contention resumed with a thigh remaining.

Aussie authoritative nether occurrence implicit F1 rubric finish

Verstappen past passed Hamilton to triumph his archetypal satellite championship; Hamilton was denied a grounds eighth rubric and remained tied with Michael Schumacher.

Mercedes instantly protested but past week withdrew its appeal.

Latifi had apologised earlier for playing specified a immense relation successful the Dec. 12 contention but said Tuesday that he'll ever vie hard until the checkered flag, nary substance what presumption helium is in.

“To the radical who don't recognize oregon don't hold with that, that's good with me. You tin person your opinion. But to usage those opinions to substance hatred, maltreatment and threats of violence, not lone to me, but to those closest to maine arsenic well, tells maine these radical are not existent fans of the sport,” helium wrote.

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