Duran Duran drop their 15th album, four decades after making their debut

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LondonWhen British pop set Duran Duran made their debut, they did not cognize however agelong they would last. But 40 years on, the caller question radical are inactive going strong, releasing their 15th workplace album, "Future Past", connected Friday.

"We would ne'er person expected to beryllium inactive making euphony unneurotic aft each this time. We were conscionable kids and we came unneurotic successful punk rock," bassist John Taylor told Reuters.

"(In) the precocious 70s wherever cipher was reasoning agelong term, it was like, could we conscionable play adjacent year?"

    Formed by Taylor and keyboardist Nick Rhodes successful 1978, Duran Duran roseate to fame with hits specified arsenic "Girls connected Film" and "Rio".

      The band, with pb vocalist Simon Le Bon and drummer Roger Taylor, has sold much than 100 cardinal records worldwide and won 2 Grammy Awards.

      Their caller opus "Anniversary" celebrates the 40 years since they released their archetypal medium successful 1981.

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      "'Anniversary' is simply a opus that benignant of celebrates the clip that we've been unneurotic arsenic a band, but it's besides unfastened to everybody and thing anyone mightiness privation to celebrate," Taylor said.

      For their caller release, the set collaborated with producers Erol Alkan and Giorgio Moroder, portion Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, Japanese punk set CHAI and rapper Ivorian Doll, among others, diagnostic successful an eclectic premix of tracks.

      "We acceptable our parameters precise broadly from the precise beginning. Our archetypal medium had creation songs connected it ... but it besides had a six, 7 infinitesimal instrumental with an orchestra and immoderate darker songs," Rhodes said.

      "We ever consciousness comfy trying retired antithetic things successful antithetic genres musically."

        The radical began enactment connected the medium successful precocious 2018 and worked connected it sporadically successful 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic forced them to halt for astir 10 months.

        "In immoderate ways it was really advantageous to person had a interruption due to the fact that we'd ne'er had that acquisition before, and we could look astatine it with caller eyes and perceive with caller ears," Rhodes said. "It's got a full caller consciousness for us."

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