Deloitte: Don't rule out Wi-Fi 6 as a next-generation wireless network

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Wi-Fi 6 concept

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The aboriginal of endeavor connectivity is Wi-Fi 6, which volition play a pivotal relation arsenic organizations innovate with precocious networking, according to a Deloitte prediction for 2022. "5G whitethorn get the lion's stock of the publicity, but Wi-Fi 6 devices are softly outselling 5G devices by a ample borderline and volition apt proceed to bash truthful for the adjacent fewer years astatine least," the steadfast said.

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Deloitte Global predicts that much Wi-Fi 6 devices volition vessel successful 2022 than 5G devices—at slightest 2.5 cardinal Wi-Fi 6 devices versus astir 1.5 cardinal 5G devices. The steadfast said determination is bully crushed for this: Wi-Fi 6 has conscionable arsenic important a relation to play successful the aboriginal of wireless connectivity arsenic 5G—not conscionable for consumers, but besides for the enterprise.

In summation to fashionable devices similar smartphones, tablets and PCs, Wi-Fi 6 volition beryllium embedded successful others, including wireless cameras, astute location devices, crippled consoles, wearables and AR/VR headsets, according to Deloitte.

Not wholly unusual bedfellows

Deloitte's 2021 planetary precocious wireless survey of 437 networking executives from 9 countries recovered that 45% of enterprises are concurrently investigating oregon deploying Wi-Fi 6 and 5G for their precocious wireless initiatives. Nearly each respondents (98%) said they expected their enactment would beryllium utilizing some technologies wrong 3 years, Deloitte said.

Co-adoption is besides reflected successful projected investments. Over the adjacent 3 years, connected average, these leaders expect to allocate 48% of their endeavor wireless web spending to Wi-Fi and 52% to cellular technologies, according to Deloitte.


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"This is not wholly a surprise, arsenic Wi-Fi 6 and 5G person immoderate akin capabilities but besides person different, complementary strengths. Both technologies alteration higher speeds, little latency, and accrued instrumentality density and web capacity," the steadfast said.

The differences prevarication successful areas specified arsenic range, enactment for mobility and cost. Wi-Fi 6 and its predecessors thin to beryllium utilized for smaller, little costly section country networks, often for connectivity wrong homes and offices. By contrast, cellular networks specified arsenic 5G are utilized for some indoor and outdoor wide-area networks, often for devices that determination crossed ample geographic areas.

There are complementary usage cases for Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, Deloitte noted.

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"Unlike past generations of wireless, Wi-Fi 6 and 5G are designed to enactment unneurotic smoothly, and the wireless manufacture appears headed toward a aboriginal successful which devices tin roam securely and seamlessly betwixt each types of wireless networks," the steadfast said. Deloitte besides noted that manufacture associations and standards bodies are co-developing aboriginal web standards that volition alteration convergence of cellular and non-cellular technologies, permitting integration of Wi-Fi 6 into halfway 5G networks.

The expected benefits of an integrated architecture see improved postulation power connected mill floors and the quality to supply uninterrupted work for astute metropolis and borderline applications, according to Deloitte. These buildouts volition not beryllium simply tactical solutions.

Both wireless technologies person a spot successful the enterprise

"Advanced wireless is simply a strategical precedence for the enterprises surveyed, with 8 successful 10 networking executives expecting precocious wireless technologies to alteration their enterprises substantially by 2023, changing however they operate, make caller products and concern models, and prosecute with customers."

These decision-makers already respect Wi-Fi 6 and 5G arsenic the astir captious wireless technologies for their businesses, according to Deloitte.

Some 65% of networking respondents said they expect Wi-Fi 6 to beryllium a top-three captious wireless exertion for their concern by 2023, portion 76% expect 5G to beryllium successful the apical 3 arsenic well.

"Over the adjacent fewer years, arsenic wireless infrastructures are built retired and much devices go available, leaders expect some technologies to go adjacent much significant," Deloitte said.

Further, Wi-Fi 6 pilots and deployments are outpacing 5G successful respective countries, the steadfast said. One crushed is cost, since Wi-Fi 6 devices are much affordable and much wide disposable than 5G devices, according to Deloitte.

Ease of deployment is different crushed Wi-Fi 6 has taken the lead. Wi-Fi networks are already wide established, on with a ample basal of Wi-Fi devices, the steadfast said.

"As enterprises upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 networks, they tin instrumentality vantage of backward compatibility, avoiding the request to regenerate older Wi-Fi devices each astatine once," Deloitte said.

Additionally, galore IT departments already person expertise successful deploying and operating Wi-Fi networks, the steadfast said. By contrast, "setting up a 5G web either unsocial oregon with a web relation mostly means learning thing caller and perchance much complex, adjusting to a modular that is inactive rolling out, and possibly moving with a spouse that is besides conscionable getting up to velocity connected 5G.''

That said, Deloitte noted that the countries reporting the highest levels of Wi-Fi 6 pilots and deployments (Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, China and Australia) besides reported the highest levels of 5G pilots and deployments. This indicates that some technologies are being adopted concurrently and that some person a spot successful precocious wireless initiatives, Deloitte said.

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