Cheaper Xbox Storage Expansion Card could be coming soon

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(Pocket-lint) - With each PlayStation 5 owners present having the quality to upgrade their SSD retention via an off-the-shelf card, Xbox could beryllium astir to summation its retention enlargement options too.

Currently, determination is lone 1 Storage Expansion Card connected connection for the latest Xbox consoles - a Seagate-made dongle that slots into the backmost of an Xbox Series X oregon S. It expands the capableness by a further 1TB, but for a reasonably hefty fee.

A caller study suggests that a 2nd mentation is connected its mode and it could beryllium cheaper.

A expanse of a fewer French retailers (by XboxSquad) has unearthed references to a caller Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox successful 512GB/500GB sizes and listed betwixt €121 and €154.99. That's, astatine most, £132 oregon $182.

The existent 1TB variant has a £219 RRP (although whitethorn beryllium recovered with a flimsy discount astatine antithetic retailers).


Although 500GB doesn't look a immense magnitude of storage, it's astir 10 oregon truthful much triple-A games. Also, the authoritative retention enlargement works precisely the aforesaid arsenic the interior SSD, truthful you payment from the aforesaid faster loading times and next-gen features.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 17 September 2021.

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