Carlton coach hints at brutal axing

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Carlton manager David Teague has hinted his vocation astatine the nine volition travel to an extremity aboriginal adjacent week aft the Blues ended their play with a 14-point nonaccomplishment astatine the hands of GWS.

The nonaccomplishment to the Giants marks the extremity of the play for the Blues, who for the eighth-straight play present volition miss retired connected finals football.

Meanwhile, Teague, who is contracted until the extremity of 2022, volition apt decorativeness up astatine the Blues adjacent week which follows connected from the club's caller external reappraisal into the footy department.

Teague's aboriginal arsenic the caput manager had remained clouded ever since that review.

"I americium guessing it's going to beryllium Monday," Teague said aft the lucifer erstwhile asked astir his future.

Carlton manager David Teague (Getty)

"I had a chat this week, and they said aft the crippled they volition get together, the committee and person a look astatine that."

Teague said he's assured the side, which helium took implicit successful June of 2019, volition beryllium beardown successful years to come, but besides hinted helium won't beryllium the 1 to proceed starring the mode adjacent season.

"I perfectly judge successful this group. I deliberation they volition beryllium a precise bully side. I deliberation they person got the ability, if they get each the players back, get immoderate cohesion unneurotic to beryllium close up determination successful the apical 4 adjacent year," Teague added.

"It's a information that we person been deed hard by injuries (but) I americium truly arrogant of the mode they are going astir it, of the mode we are shaping our culture, there's been a shift, and they are the things that I americium going to permission truly arrogant of.

"I recognize the nine is going to marque a determination (and) let's beryllium honest, it doesn't look arsenic though it is going to spell successful my favour, but successful presumption of what I person done and what I person been capable to power I cognize who I am, and I cognize wherefore I person done it and I americium truly blessed with that."

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The Carlton manager besides admitted the nine needs to "improve" aft connection of the club's outer reappraisal and his clouded coaching aboriginal made it to the media.

"I emotion this club. When the reappraisal gets announced done the media that's not precocious performance. I americium going to telephone it out, this footy nine person got immoderate areas to amended and I deliberation adjacent successful the past 3 weeks I person seen an betterment astatine a level I haven't seen successful the past," Teague said.

"It wounded erstwhile radical said I had mislaid relationships with the players. That 1 astir apt dug a small heavy due to the fact that it's not true.

"Certain players don't emotion what I accidental each the clip but that's what a high-performance situation is. Guys getting challenged are not ever going to emotion the feedback."

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