Bike seen, bike safe - Ride with confidence with Curve Bike light & GPS tracker

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(Pocket-lint) - Bikers often fearfulness that their bikes volition beryllium stolen if they don’t stay wrong eyesight. This interest whitethorn hover successful the backmost of your caput astatine each times, making it hard to ore connected different tasks. The Curve Bike airy & GPS tracker, designed and connected by Vodafone, makes you consciousness comfy and assured portion riding. Once it’s clipped to your spot post, you tin consciousness connected to your motorcycle adjacent erstwhile it’s wholly retired of sight.

Curve motorcycle tracker has the perfect information features to forestall theft. It features intelligent Movement Alerts and Sirens that pass you erstwhile your motorcycle is moved successful your absence. Furthermore, the inbuilt GPS tracker connected to Vodafone’s Smart SIM allows you to way the motorcycle connected its route. This ensures that you’ll ne'er suffer show of your bike. Curve motorcycle tracker has galore features beyond safety.

Below, we supply an overview of the Curve motorcycle tracker’s noteworthy features.

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Intelligent Brakes

Curve motorcycle tracker features an intelligent brake airy that responds to your bike’s velocity and informs different drivers erstwhile you are braking. The rear brake airy shines agleam erstwhile you brake suddenly, giving different drivers plentifulness of informing astir your manoeuvre. This diagnostic doesn’t conscionable support you harmless but besides those astir you.

Ultra Visibility

Curve motorcycle tracker features incredibly agleam LED strips with 3 modes to accommodate your circumstantial route. You tin clasp down the powerfulness fastener to prime antithetic airy modes, specified arsenic a blink, coagulated beam, oregon pulsating beam. You tin besides crook the airy connected oregon disconnected utilizing your smartphone app oregon acceptable it connected automatic.


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Impact Detection

Accidents tin hap adjacent erstwhile you’re precise careful. The Curve motorcycle tracker has an automatic interaction detection diagnostic that instantly sends Help Alerts to your contacts, notifying them astir the emergency. This diagnostic ensures that you’re ne'er stranded during an emergency. You tin prime your trusted contacts and set the Help Alerts to nonstop notifications, texts, oregon automated calls.

GPS Tracking

Most motorcycle trackers usage Bluetooth capabilities to find your motorcycle wrong an highly abbreviated radius. However, Curve motorcycle tracker includes an inbuilt Vodafone Smart SIM that connects your motorcycle to our planetary network, allowing you to way the motorcycle careless of its location. You tin besides way the thrust successful real-time utilizing your smartphone app. As such, you tin permission your motorcycle astatine home, work, oregon anyplace other without worries.

Security Mode

Curve motorcycle tracker has an content information mode that turns disconnected whenever you instrumentality the airy disconnected the tracker. If your motorcycle is moved successful your absence, it volition instantly merchandise a 107 dB siren sound, akin to the level utilized successful astir location alarms. You’ll besides person a question alert connected your phone, allowing you to way the bike’s determination successful real-time. In astir cases, the 107 dB siren is capable to marque imaginable thieves scamper away.


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Personalized Zones

Curve motorcycle tracker comes with a Vodafone smartphone app wherever you tin way your bike’s routes and history. You tin besides make personalized zones for your motorcycle and person notifications whenever the motorcycle enters oregon leaves these zones. This diagnostic is perfect if you acquisition a motorcycle to a insignificant whose whereabouts you’d similar to track. You tin besides acceptable up a illustration for your motorcycle to negociate important accusation successful 1 place.

Durable and Waterproof

Curve motorcycle tracker is an highly sleek and durable instrumentality that easy fits into your bike’s spot post. It tin beryllium hooked with a information bolt to forestall theft oregon detachment. Furthermore, it has an IP67 waterproof rating, which means it tin withstand the harshest of h2o conditions, i.e. it tin beryllium immersed successful caller h2o up to a extent of 1 metre for 30 minutes.


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Long-Lasting Battery

Curve motorcycle tracker features an easy chargeable and long-lasting battery. You tin twist the airy disconnected the tracker without taking the full tracker off. The airy tin beryllium charged wherever you want, and it tin beryllium re-attached to the tracker. The motorcycle tracker provides up to 7.5 hours of artillery beingness connected a afloat charge, which is capable to past respective days. The artillery beingness tin beryllium monitored via the smartphone app.

Summary of Features:

  • Intelligent brake lights
  • LED lights of 40 lumens with 3 airy modes
  • Impact detection
  • Help alerts
  • Movement alerts
  • 107 dB siren
  • GPs trackers
  • Realtime thrust tracking
  • App-based thrust insights
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 7.5 hours of artillery life
  • Suitable for astir spot posts

Based connected the features mentioned above, it’s beauteous wide that Curve Bike airy & GPS tracker is 1 of the astir broad motorcycle trackers available. You tin equip your motorcycle with this tracker to execute implicit bid of caput erstwhile you’re distant from your motorcycle oregon adjacent portion riding.

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