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Now 512 deaths, 14,867 cases statewide

the total increase of patients registered in state hospitals for COVID-19 treatment only increased by six, while those in need of ventilators only increased by two. 

That's the smallest of either number since the LDH began publishing them on March 23. In comparison, the worst day so far was on March 28, when 200 patients were hospitalized in a single day and 156 new patients were listed as needing a ventilator. 

While it's important to take into account the difficulties in Orleans News accurately tracking the trends of coronavirus in Louisiana and the U.S. (i.e. testing lag, symptom-to-hospitalization timeline, posthumous death count), Monday's numbers show the importance that the following days will hold in revealing the coronavirus' path.

As of Monday, the LDH was still not able to provide COVID-19 recovery rates for the state. However, the global recovery number was around 300,000. 

Sheraton New Orleans to be used as coronavirus spill-over facility
The Sheraton New Orleans Hotel is set to become a field hospital to be used in the city's response to the coronavirus pandemic, The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate reports. 

According to the newspaper, the Sheraton, at 500 Canal Street, has been leased by the state to serve as a spill-over medical facility to handle the city's surge in coronavirus patients.

The hotel would operate the same as the Ernest M. Morial Convention Center, which is now in operation with 1,000 beds for COVID-19 patients in recovery to take some of the strain off local hospitals, the newspaper reports.

The Sheraton was previously used to house first responders in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Convention Center field hospital begins taking COVID-19 patients
The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center has been transformed into a field hospital, and beginning Monday, COVID-19 patients who are well enough to leave hospitals but not well enough to go home will be treated there.

"You gotta see it to believe it," Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser said. "To be able to do this in such a professional way in a way that will isolate patients and keep them safe as they are brought's pretty incredible." 

Outside of the convention center, a second facility — not yet ready— is intended to treat up to 250 patients. That facility will treat people who likely have COVID-19 but haven't got test results back yet.

It's important that those two types of patients are kept apart.

"If someone with a negative test would come in here — it's all patients with positive tests, so we would worry that they would be infectious if they weren't actually positive,"  Medical Operations Manager Dr. Meghan Maslanka said.
Louisiana will get 200 more ventilators from the federal government's emergency stockpile, Gov. John Bel Edwards said Saturday as the state's health department reported another 2,200 confirmed coronavirus cases.

The 200 ventilators from the Strategic National Stockpile were promised by Vice President Mike Pence, Edwards said in a statement.

Saturday, Louisiana had 12,496 confirmed cases of coronavirus. At least 409 Press Release Distribution Services In Orleans people have died from COVID-19, the respiratory illness associated with the newest virus strain.

Louisiana has already gathered 553 ventilators: 150 from the national stockpile, 400 from private vendors and three from the Louisiana National Guard.

State health officials have estimated that the state needs 12,000 ventilators for the continued torrent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Even with the promise of additional ventilators, the state will have less than 10% of that goal.

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