1/6 Committee Target Rep. Jim Banks Busted Trying To Sabotage The Investigation

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Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is simply a idiosyncratic of involvement successful the 1/6 Committee investigation. Rep. Banks has besides been sending letters to authorities agencies falsely claiming to beryllium connected the committee.

Rep. Liz Cheney, who really is connected the 1/6 Committee, entered  a missive from Banks to the Department of Interior into the grounds arsenic evidence:

On the House floor, Liz Cheney entered this into the grounds calling retired Jim Banks for sending letters to authorities agencies claiming helium is the ranking subordinate of the 1/6 committee adjacent though helium is not connected the committee. pic.twitter.com/C1OxGeVhXN

— Annie Grayer (@AnnieGrayerCNN) October 21, 2021

Rep. Banks was 1 of Kevin McCarthy’s picks to service connected the 1/6 Committee that Speaker Pelosi vetoed due to the fact that Banks is 1 of the members of Congress who is nether probe for either having accusation oregon a relation successful the attack.

It is not hard to recognize wherefore Banks was lying to authorities agencies. Rep, Banks wants to get retired successful beforehand of immoderate incriminating grounds against him that mightiness beryllium retired determination portion besides sabotaging the 1/6 investigation.

Even if determination is not a House regularisation against what Banks did, helium decidedly violated House morals rules and should look an Ethics Committee investigation.

An Ethics Committee probe is nary joke. It tin pb to censure oregon adjacent expulsion from the House.

Republicans are hopeless to halt the 1/6 probe due to the fact that they don’t privation the American radical to find retired that the onslaught connected the Capitol perchance was an wrong occupation and that Trump’s coup had assistance from Republicans successful Congress.

Rep. Jim Banks abused his powerfulness arsenic a sitting subordinate of Congress to undermine the 1/6 investigation.

His behaviour is not lone corrupt. It should beryllium criminal.

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